Our Breeding Program
Our Breeding Program
Our Breeding Program
Our Breeding Program
Specialty Items
Our Breeding Program
Glenbar Alpacas of Washington State


We've assembled a few helpful links to associations, books, stores, trainers and more...

Helpful Associations

  • The Alpaca Registry - The Alpaca Registry is a database housing the genealogy, blood typing and ownership records of alpacas in North America since 1988.
  • AOBA - The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association is a national alpaca marketing and education association.

Educational Information

Alpaca & Farming Products

All manner of supplies including vaccination and worming medication, halters and leads, books and videos on care and training,

Large items: panels, chutes and scales, gates, and feeders.


Alpaca Transporters

Fleece Evaluations

Fleece Processing

Alpaca Books

You can find these books at Amazon.com, Useful Llama Items, or Quality Llama Products, Inc. The following books are a sample of what's available; the first three can get you started by helping you identify the characteristics to look at in animals you are purchasing, basic health care and basic neonatal care (for those pregnant dams).

  • Secrets of the Andean Alpaca by Maggie and Richard Krieger
  • Caring For Llamas and Alpacas - A Health and Management Guide by Claire Hoffman, DVM and Ingrid Asmus
  • Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care by Smith, Timm and Long, DVMs
  • Alpaca Field Manual, Second Edition - Dr. C. Norman Evans, D.V.M.
  • The Complete Alpaca Book by Eric Hoffman
  • Llama and Alpaca Husbandry and Medical Care - Robert Pollard, DVM and Suzi Pollard
  • The Camelid Companion by Marty McGee Bennett (on training)
  • The Color Chart of the officially recognized colors can be purchased from the Alpaca Registry Inc.

Alpaca Training

For training alpacas and their owners:

Alpaca Health

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